Gustavo Magana Campos – HIM.

I feel my boots collide with the snow as they press against the white slush every time I take a step. My ears quickly turn from a light pink to a scorching red as the temperature drops, and the cold whisks away the feeling from my hands while they turn numb. Every time I inhale and exhale, I watch by breath transform into a small cloud in front of me. As I continue walking, the sharp wind impales my red cheeks without leaving a scratch. My zipped up wool jacket is the only thing keeping me warm from the snowfall, but with every step I take, my body surrenders to the cold, and I come to the realization that I must seek refuge from this cruel climate. He said the Starbucks on Columbia Street. I was trying my best to find the coffee shop before my entire being succumbed to the weather. I saw all the bridal shops, the men in their suits, the women in their elegant dresses. I thought that maybe one day, him and I might get married, sometime in the far, far future, but as I was daydreaming, my eyes fell upon the Columbia SkyTrain Station. It was rather empty. It looked somewhat eerie from the outside, but who would want to ride the SkyTrain in this weather, let alone walk, which was exactly what I was doing. I knew I would make it if I kept walking straight. In my head, it was a walk with the snowflakes that lasted for an eternity, but what had actually transpired was a five-minute trip down the street. Nonetheless, I had finally made it. With the last bit of strength I had in my hands, I managed to open the door and I waltzed myself inside happily. The warmth, what my entire body was yearning for so badly, was the first thing I could feel. There was an empowering sense of relief passing through my body due to the fact that I had just won this war against Mother Nature herself. After celebrating my moment of victory, I scanned the room and became cognizant to the fact that he wasn’t here yet, so I found a seat placed in front of the large window covering the front of the store and sat down. Just as I was beginning to relax, my heart began to race as my attention shifted from the weather to him.

He was tall, had black hair that turned into a soft brown when the sunlight found its way to it, he was never capable of smiling fully, instead he smirked. His skin was pale, white as the snow outside although he was never that cold. He was kind to every person he met, and everybody enjoyed his company. He was also shy, but I always managed to make him laugh. Seeing his smile meant everything to me. I was somewhat intimidated by him because he seemed perfect in the eyes of everyone, including myself. I snapped back into reality and found myself staring outside, the snow hadn’t stopped falling. It was blanketing all the buildings outside, eating them slowly. In all my time living in New Westminster, it had never snowed this much. I wondered if he was okay, the snow is capable of doing horrible things to humans, and it didn’t take my mind too long to assume the worst. After a while of gazing at the snow outside, I heard the door open. I knew it was him, but I refused to make eye contact until he said something to me. My hands are now sweating profusely, my heart beats faster than it ever has before and I feel the cocoons in my stomach break into a swirl butterflies.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, he greeted me. I knew right away that my entire face was displaying a bloody red that represented my nervousness. His scent was very reminiscent of masculinity, and I felt secure with him by my side. He settled down beside me as he offered to buy me a drink, I asked for a simple hot chocolate, and with that he was gone. I watched him as he waited in line. He doesn’t know how I feel about him. He doesn’t know that I would do anything for him. He was completely unware that I was completely boy crazy about him. I kept my feelings a secret, although I’ve always wanted to tell him. It was fear. Fear was what was stopping me. The fear of losing the relationship we currently had haunted me like a horrible nightmare that would make a young child cry. After a brief moment of contemplating whether or not to spill my entire heart out to him in this small Starbucks, he came back with my drink. I thanked him and he sat in front of me. While we conversed further, I recognized that I couldn’t let him walk out of my life. I had to tell him. I felt the weight of the world balanced on both of my shoulders wearing me down. I couldn’t be just a friend to him, right?  He was talking about school, calmly looking me dead in the eye. My heart was about to rip out of my chest and fall to the ground. He was saying something about being scared to fail a class when I interrupted him. Out of nowhere, I somehow gathered the courage to throw up five words in his face. Five simple words that would play one of the biggest roles in my entire life. “I think I love you.”


About Gustova Magana Campos

Gustavo is a grade 9 student at NWSS. He enjoys the arts programs at his school and likes trying new things. Entering this contest is a new step for his as this is his first time submitting his work into a competition.